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Myles MaxfieldMyles Maxfield
Vice President; Director, Data Analytics, Health Research Division

Myles Maxfield directs Mathematica’s corporate data analytics initiative. He also has corporate responsibility for Mathematica’s health care quality measurement and improvement, technical assistance and decision support to Medicaid agencies and care providers, program integrity, and health insurance exchanges. His more than 35 years of experience cover a wide range of topics, with more recent work focusing on measuring and improving the quality and value of health care, the implementation of health care reform programs, and the design of data analytic systems to monitor the performance of health reform programs.

Maxfield’s current work includes applying advanced data analytic methods, such as predictive models, Bayesian statistics, and machine learning models, to pressing policy issues in federal and state health care reform, program integrity, social services, education, and nutrition programs.

His work on health care quality focuses on developing new health care quality and efficiency measures, designing payment systems for Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE that include quality and efficiency performance measures, computing and disseminating performance scores for hospitals and physician practices, and developing performance measures based on electronic health records. It also includes providing technical assistance to state Medicaid agencies on best practices for implementing the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. He is overseeing Mathematica’s technical assistance to all accountable care organizations (ACOs) participating in federal ACO programs. Less Detail More Detail

Staff Profile

  • Areas of Expertise
  • Key Projects
  • Publications
  • Data analytics and decision support for federal and state agencies
  • Health care quality and value measure development and implementation
  • Health care quality improvement
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE (the military health system)
  • Health care reform program implementation

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