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US Department of Education

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Evaluating the Teacher Residency Program

New teachers tend to be less effective than experienced educators and more likely to leave the profession, particularly in high-needs schools. The Teacher Residency Program (TRP), an alternative approach to teacher training, aims to attract talented new teachers to the profession and then provide training and support by combining limited coursework with a one-year supervised “residency” similar to the student teaching practicum. We’re evaluating the TRP for the U.S. Department of Education (ED).

In this study, we’re assessing how TRP teachers’ classroom performance compares to other novice and experienced teachers by estimating the impact of TRP teachers on student achievement. We’re also comparing the retention rates of TRP and non-TRP novice teachers. Finally, we’re examining the characteristics of the TRP programs, their applicants and participants by measuring elements such as program length, required coursework and activities, characteristics of mentor teachers, and selection criteria for participants.

Through our findings, we hope to help policymakers shape teacher preparation programs that recruit, train, retain, and support highly qualified teachers.