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2008 Conferences and Meetings Presentations

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What Works Clearinghouse—Washington, DC—December 12
Mark Dynarski, Opening Remarks: Education Research: Moving Evidence on What Works into Practice
Jill Constantine, Panelist: Building an Evidence Base: Lessons Learned from Systematic Reviews
Mark Dynarski, Panelist: Translating the Evidence Base: Disseminating Findings to the Field
Paul Decker, Closing Remarks: Education Research: Moving Evidence on What Works into Practice
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Economic Research Service Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Conference—Washington, DC—December 4
Philip Gleason: "Relationship of School Meal Program Participation to Weight Status: Findings from SNDA-III"
Quinn Moore: "They're Certified But Do They Take the Meal? Factors Influencing School Meal Participation"
Jim Ohls, Keynote Speaker: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Laura Castner: "Effects of Economic Conditions and FSP Policy on State FSP Caseloads"

The Commonwealth Fund—Washington, DC—December 3
Gina Livermore and David Stapleton, Discussants: "Health Insurance and Health Care Access Before and After SSDI Entry"

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Office of Research, Development, and Information—Baltimore, MD—December 1
Jim Verdier: "Using Medicaid Analytic eXtract (MAX) Data on Rx Drug Use and Costs to Analyze Current Medicaid and Medicare Policy Issues"


Health Affairs Briefing: Medicare Advantage: Where Is It Now, and Where Is It Going?—Washington, DC—November 24
Marsha Gold, Panelist: "Medicare Advantage: What Has and Has Not Been Accomplished to Date" To read the transcript click here.

Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting—National Harbor, MD—November 21-25
Carol Irvin: "Measuring Quality of Life in the National Evaluation of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration"

Kauffman Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Data—Washington, DC—November 21
David DesRoches: "A Proposal to Include Web Reporting on the U.S. Economic Census"

Southern Economic Association—Washington, DC—November 20-23
James Mabli and Emily Sama Martin: "Interactions Between the Food Stamp Program and the Economy"
Duncan Chaplin, Discussant: Applied Labor Economics
Arif Mamun: "Effects of Employment on Marriage and Cohabitation: Evidence from a Randomized Study of the Job Corps Program"
Ali Protik: "The Hidden Cost of Migration: Effect of Brother's Migration on Sister's Marriage Outcomes in Rural Bangladesh"

Annual Meeting of the National Tax Association—Philadelphia, PA—November 20-22
John Czajka: "How to Make State and Local Government Statistics More Relevant, Accurate, Timely, Accessible, Interpretable, and Transparent"

Center for Studying Disability Policy Research Forum—Washington, DC—November 20
Randall Brown, Speaker: "Cash and Counseling: An Innovative Model for Consumer Choice" PowerPoint Icon PowerPoint | PDF Icon PDF of Slides

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Statistical Policy Seminar—Washington, DC—November 18-19
John Czajka, Discussant: Statistical Uses of Administrative Records in Federal Agencies
Daniel Kasprzyk, Panelist: Development and Management of Human and Institutional Capital in Statistical Organizations

National Bureau of Economic Research—Cambridge, MA—November 14
Hanley Chiang: "How Accountability Pressure on Failing Schools Affects Student Achievement"

America's Promise Alliance Texas Dropout Prevention Summit—Austin, TX—November 10
Mark Dynarski and Roberto Agodini: "Institute for Education Sciences Practice Guide on Dropout Prevention"

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Research Conference—Los Angeles, CA—November 6-8

National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference & Expo—Dallas, TX—November 5-8
John Love: "Learning About Preschool Curricula: PCER and Beyond"

National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference—Little Rock, AR—November 5-8
Alan Hershey and Robin Dion: "Implementing a Large-Scale Test of Marriage and Relationship Skills Education: Building Strong Families"


Scientific Evidence in Education Forum—Washington, DC—October 30
Steve Glazerman: "Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Inductions: Results from the First Year of Randomized Controlled Study" Audio

International Methodology Symposium—Quebec, Canada—October 28-31
Donsig Jang: "Nonresponse Bias Analysis Using Reluctant Respondents in the National Survey of Recent College Graduates"
Mark Pierzchala: "Experiences with Multi-Mode Surveys"

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo—San Diego, CA—October 25-29
John Hall and Martha Kovac: "Expanding Providers' Smoking Cessation Services: A National Survey of U.S. Health Professionals"

ADA Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo—Chicago, IL—October 25-28
Ronette Briefel, Mary Kay Crepinsek, and Charlotte Cabili: "A National Study of School Food Policies and Environment: School Food Policies Affect Beverage Consumption at School, But Student Characteristics and Behaviors Also Matter"
Mary Kay Crepinsek, Ander Wilson, and Ronette Briefel: "A National Study of School Food Environments and Policies: School Food Policies Affect Fruit and Vegetable Consumption at School, Especially in Elementary Schools"

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, Journal Release Reception and Dinner—San Diego, CA—October 25
Marsha Gold: "Availability of Data to Measure Disparities in Leading Health Indicators at the State and Local Levels"

Council of the Great City Schools—Houston, TX—October 22-26
Neil Seftor: "Finding Out What Works: Using What Works Clearinghouse Results"

Wingspread Conference—Racine, WI—October 20-22
Heather Koball: "Making Connections: Effects of Marriage and Couple Relationships on the Health of Infants, Adolescents, and Older Adults"

Penn State Health Policy and Administration Colloquium—University Park, PA—October 20
Marsha Gold: "Medicare Advantage: Current Status and Future Issues"

Caucasus Research Resource Centers Workshop—Yerevan, Armenia—October 17
Anu Rangarajan and Kenneth Fortson: "Farming Practices Survey as Impact Evaluation Tool: Design and Implementation"

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Healthy Eating Research Program Grantee Meeting—Minneapolis, MN—October 15-17
Ronette Briefel: "School Food Environment and Practices and Students' Diet and Obesity"

National Academy of Social Insurance and the National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research Workshop—Washington, DC—October 15
David Wittenburg, Panelist: Pathways to Economic Security for People with Disabilities: Social Insurance, Asset Development, and Supported Employment

National Academy for State Health Policy Annual Conference—Tampa, FL—October 5-7
Lynn Quincy: "Using Section 125 Premium-Only Plans to Expand Health Coverage"

Congressional Health Care Reform Education Project Briefing—Washington, DC—October 3
Deborah Chollet: "Private Health Insurance: High Risk Pools, GAP Plans, and Options for Reform"


SAMHSA/CMS Invitational Conference—Baltimore, MD—September 25
Dominick Esposito and Jim Verdier: "Evaluation of a Medicaid Psychotropic Drug Management Program in Utah"

Center for Studying Disability Policy Research Forum—Washington, DC—September 12
David Wittenburg: "Measuring Employment of People with Disabilities" PowerPoint Icon PowerPoint | PDF Icon PDF of Slides
Gina Livermore: "Employment and Work Expectations of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries" PowerPoint Icon PowerPoint | PDF Icon PDF of Slides

Ninth World Congress of Bioethics—Rejeka, Croatia—September 3-8
Janice Ballou: "U.S. Clinical Trial Participants' Care Before, During, and After a Clinical Trial: Overview of Qualitative Results from the Experiences of Participants in Clinical Trials (EPIC) Study"


Ryan White HIV/AIDS Grantee Meeting and 11th Clinical Update—Washington, DC—August 25-28
Boyd Gilman and Debra Lipson: "Effect of Medicaid Policy Reforms on Ryan White Grantees and Clients: Results from Six State Case Studies” and "Recent Changes in State Medicaid Policies: Implications for PLWHA and Ryan White Grantees"

National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics—Nashville, TN—August 17-20

Birth To Three Institute—Washington, DC—August 4-7
Patricia Del Grosso: "Oral Health Promotion Strategies for Early Head Start Families: Lessons from the Oral Health Initiative"

Joint Statistical Meetings—Denver, CO—August 3-7

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting—Boston, MA—August 1-4
Heather Koball: "Moving Up in Rural America: Socioeconomic Integration of Latinos in New Immigrant Destinations"


Congressional Briefing on Prenatal and Infant Nutrition—Washington, DC—July 29
Barbara Devaney: " Prenatal and Infant Nutrition: Overview of the Issues"

Rural Sociology Society Annual Meeting—Manchester, NH—July 28-31
Heather Koball: "The Integration of Latino Immigrants in the Rural United States"

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI—July 25
Jean Knab, Workshop Instructor: Using the Fragile Families Data for Studying Marriage and Family

New America Foundation: Making Medicare Sustainable—Washington, DC—July 23
Randall Brown: Protecting Medically Vulnerable Older Americans

Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative Stakeholders Working Meeting—Washington, DC—July 16
Deborah Peikes: "Patient Assignment: The Case for Ensuring Patient Choice"

Conference on Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans—Washington, DC—July 14
Jim Verdier: "The Role of SNPs in Medicare Managed Care: What Value Can They Add?"

International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development Biennial Meeting—Wuerzburg, Germany—July 13-17
Kim Boller, Chair: Early Childhood Policy and Research: International Perspectives
Kim Boller: "Interventions Designed to Prepare Children for School: How Child Outcomes and SES Disparities Influence Early Childhood Policy and Research in the United States"


Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress—Baltimore, MD—June 25-27
Jim Verdier: "Integrating Medicare and Medicaid"

ACF Head Start National Research Conference—Washington, DC—June 23-25

Interagency Committee on Disability Research/Interagency Subcommittee on Employment State of the Science Conference—Arlington, VA—June 23-25
David Stapleton: "Moving Employment Policy Research Forward"
Gina Livermore: "Health: A Competitive Disability Workforce"
David Wittenburg: "Employers and People with Disabilities: Barriers and Intervention Options for Youth with Disabilities"
Bonnie O'Day: "Perspectives on the State-of-the-Science: Future Directions for a Coordinated Federal Research Agenda"

Ministries of Education, Economy, and Finance—Rome, Italy—June 19
Roberto Agodini: "The U.S. Experience with Experimental and Nonexperimental Studies in Education"

National Association of State Medicaid Directors Spring Conference—Oklahoma City, OK—June 16-17
Jim Verdier: "Mental Health and Medicaid"

Institute of Education Sciences Research Conference—Washington, DC—June 10-12
Peter Schochet, Presenter: Avoiding False Discoveries: The Purpose of Multiple Comparison Adjustments
Juan Carlos Calcagno: "The Impact of Postsecondary Remediation Using a Regression Discontinuity Approach: Addressing Noncompliance and Retesting"
Mark Dynarski, Presenter: The New What Works Clearinghouse

AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting—Washington, DC—June 8-10

International Total Survey Error Workshops—Research Triangle Park, NC—June 2-4
Aaron Douglas: "Evaluating Consequences of Ignoring Measurement Error in Multi-Stage Analyses of Large-Scale Educational and Social Surveys"
Donsig Jang, Xiaojing Lin, and Amang Sukasih: "Assessment of Misclassification Error in Stratification Due to Incomplete Frame Information"


ACF/OPRE Welfare Research and Evaluation Conference—Washington, DC—May 28-30

Forum on Prevention and Early Intervention for Children and Youth—Dublin, Ireland—May 27-28
Mark Dynarski and Patricia Del Grosso: "Learning from Evaluation"

Conference on Medicaid Managed Care—Washington, DC—May 19-21
Jim Verdier: "SNPs and States: Overcoming the Challenges in Integrating Medicare and Medicaid Benefits"

American Association for Public Opinion Research—New Orleans, LA—May 15-18

World Congress Leadership Summit on Medicare—Alexandria, VA—May 14-16
Jim Verdier: "Special Needs Plans: Assessing the Value and Proper Role of SNPs"

Education Policy Forum—Washington, DC—May 9
Mark Dynarski, Speaker: Assessing Effectiveness and Advancing Education Evaluation Standards: The What Works Clearinghouse in an Era of Accountability

Brookings Institution, Center on Children and Families and National Poverty Center Forum—Washington, DC—May 7
Donna Pavetti, Panelist: Helping Disconnected and Hard-to-Employ Single Mothers: Research and Issues

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research—Toronto, Canada—May 3-7
Dominick Esposito and Thomas Croghan: "Initiating Treatment on Generic Antidepressants May Not Save Health Care Costs"


National Oral Health ConferenceMiami, FL—April 28-30
Patricia Del Grosso: "Oral Health Prevention, Promotion, and Treatment Strategies: Findings from the Head Start Oral Health Initiative Evaluation"

Administration for Children and Families Working Meeting—Washington, DC—April 24
Kim Boller, Moderator: Evaluation Strategies Focusing on Implementation

MIG/DMIE Employment Summit—New Orleans, LA—April 22-24

National Council on Disability—Arlington, VA—April 21-23
Bonnie O'Day, Speaker: Keeping Track: National Disability Status and Performance Indicators

Population Association of America—New Orleans, LA—April 17-19
Heather Koball: "Social and Economic Well-Being of Latino Immigrants in New Rural Destinations"

Washington Statistical Seminar—Washington, DC—April 15
John Czajka, Chair: Assessing Disclosure Risk, and Preventing Disclosure, in Microdata
Sonya Vartivarian: "Measuring Disclosure Risk and an Examination of the Possibilities of Using of Synthetic Data in the Individual Income Tax Return Public Use File"

Eastern Evaluation Research Society Annual Conference—Absecon, NJ—April 13-15
Peter Schochet and John Burghardt: "Using Propensity Scoring to Estimate Program-Related Subgroup Impacts in Experimental Program Evaluations"

Georgetown University Psychology Department Colloquium—Washington, DC—April 11
Kim Boller: "Fathers in the Lives of Early Head Start Children"

Active Living Research Conference—Washington, DC—April 9-12
Charlotte Cabili: "A National Study of Public School Food Environment and Policies (SFEPs) and Their Relationship to Physical Activity Policies and Obesity Among Students"

National Association for Home Care & Hospice—Washington, DC—April 7
Marsha Gold, Speaker: The Future of Private Plans Under the Medicare Program

The Future of Children—Princeton, NJ—April 3-4
Robert Wood, Discussant: Finishing High School: Alternative Pathways and Dropout Recovery
Mark Dynarski, Discussant: High School Structural Reform Models


Center for Community Solutions, Annual Human Services Institute—Cleveland, OH—March 28
Donna Pavetti, Moderator: Hard-to-Employ Workforce Strategies—Creating Employment Opportunities for All

American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting—New York, NY—March 24-28

Avalere Health LLC Forum on Diabetes—Washington, DC—March 12-13
Marsha Gold: Follow the Diabetes Dollar—Federal Priorities in Preventing and Treating Diabetes

Federal CASIC Workshops—Washington, DC—March 11-13
John Mamer, Discussant: Recent Innovations and Lessons Learned at Participating Organizations
Debra Wright, Chair: Multimode Data Quality and Comparability
Mark Pierzchala, Chair: Challenges of Multiple, Mixed Mode Sample Management and Process Integration and Event History Calendars, A Review of the State of the Art
Mark Pierzchala: "Survey Management and Process Control for MPR Multimode Surveys"

AcademyHealth Health Care Financing Organization Briefing—Washington, DC—March 11
Marsha Gold, Allison Hedley Dodd, Melissa Neuman, and Leslie Conwell: "State Estimates for Tracking and Influencing Disparities for Healthy People 2010"

Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics Seminar—Washington, DC—March 10
Geri Mooney, Discussant: Integrating the Day and Personal Perspectives

Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting—Chicago, IL—March 6-9

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Annual Conference—Crystal City, VA—March 2-4
Robert Wood: "Getting Kids to Stay in and Complete School: What Does Research Tell Us About What Works?"


National Center on Performance Incentives Conference—Nashville, TN—February 28-29
Kevin Booker, Steven Glazerman, and Timothy Silman: "Do Teacher Incentives Work? Evidence from the Missouri Career Ladder Program"

Research & Training Center for Children's Mental Health Annual Conference—Tampa, FL—February 24-27
Jonathan Brown: "Perspectives on the Changing Role of Residential Treatment in the System of Care" and "Mental Health Communication Training for Pediatric Primary Care Providers: Impact on Disparities"
Henry Ireys: "State Regulation of Residential Treatment Facilities for Children"

DC Chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research—Washington, DC—February 20
Danna Basson: "The Impact of Accessible Political Knowledge on Voters' Candidate Evaluations, Issue Positions, and Issue Consistency"

National Conference of State Legislatures Education Finance Summit—San Antonio, TX—February 15-17
Mark Dynarski: "Effectiveness of Reading and Math Software Products: Findings from the First Student Cohort"

Human Resources Management Association Meeting—Princeton, NJ—February 11
David Wittenburg: "Working with Disabilities"

AACTE Annual Meeting: Major Forum on "Leveraging National Reports"—New Orleans, LA—February 7-10
Jill Constantine: "Impact of Teacher Preparation Models"

State Coverage Initiatives National Meeting—Nashville, TN—February 7-8
Debra Lipson: "State Reform Evaluation: Lessons from Mathematica's Evaluation of Dirigo Health Reform"
Lynn Quincy: "What Are Section 125 Plans and How Can They Be Used to Expand Health Coverage?"

National Health Policy Conference—Washington, DC—February 4-5
Marsha Gold, Moderator: "Changing the Paradigm from Treatment to Prevention: A Diabetes Case Model" PowerPoint Icon PowerPoint Slides | PDF Icon PDF Handout

Global Development Network Research Workshop—Brisbane, Australia—February 1-2
Steve Glazerman, Discussant: Promoting Innovative Programs for the Developing World: Towards Realizing the Health Millennium Development Goals in Africa and Asia

Health Care Financing and Organization—Cyber Seminar—February 1
Debra Lipson and Jim Verdier: Leading the Way? Maine's Experience in Expanding Coverage


Administration for Children and Families, Office of Head Start Briefing—Washington, DC—January 25
Kim Boller: "I Am Moving, I Am Learning"

Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning Roundtable—Washington, DC—January 23-25
Diane Paulsell, Jerry West, Nikki Aikens, and Kim Boller: Developing the Next Wave of Quality Measures for Early Childhood and School-Age Programs: A Working Meeting

International Conference on Health Policy Statistics—Philadelphia, PA—January 17-18
Donsig Jang: "Comparison of Hot Deck and Multiple Imputation Methods Using Simulations for HCSDB Data"