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2009 Conferences and Meetings

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Care Management of Patients with Complex Health Care NeedsWebinar—December 16

National Conference of State Legislatures: Linking Research and Policy to Improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education—San Diego, CA—December 11-13

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing—Sacramento, CA—December 10

FY 2010 Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Conference: Emerging Issues and Recent Findings—Washington, DC—December 10

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum—Washington, DC—December 3

Recovering America's Youth Summit: Dallas—Grapevine, TX—December 1-2


Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting—Atlanta, GA—November 18-22

Southern Economic Association Meeting—San Antonio, TX—November 21-23

University System of Georgia and the Georgia Research Alliance: Addressing Childhood Obesity in Georgia—Atlanta, GA—November 19-20

Recovering America's Youth Summit—Chicago, IL—November 17-18

Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association—Orlando, FL—November 11-14

National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference—San Francisco, CA—November 11-14

National Association of State Medicaid Directors Conference—Arlington, VA—November 9-11

American Public Health Association—Philadelphia, PA—November 7-11

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management—Washington, DC—November 5-7

University of Maryland, School of Public Policy, Center for International Policy Exchanges: What the European Social Fund Can Learn from the Workforce Investment Act ExperienceWashington, DC—November 7

National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education Leadership Symposium—Arlington, VA—November 3

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Research ConferenceWashington, DC—November 2-4


The Council of State Governments Justice Center: Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program Series
—Webinar—October 29

International Methodology Symposium: Longitudinal Surveys: From Design to Analysis—Gatineau, QC, Canada—October 27-30

Community Partnerships for Older Adults Annual Meeting—Washington, DC—October 27-28

The National Academies of Sciences Briefing—Washington, DC—October 20

Medicare Advantage Strategic Business Symposium: Developing a 2010 Survival Strategy for Your Health Plan—Arlington, VA—October 19-20

American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference—Denver, CO—October 17-20

Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy—Ann Arbor, MI—October 15

Washington Statistical Society, Morris Hansen Lectures—Washington, DC—October 13

National Academy for State Health Policy—Long Beach, CA—October 6

Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest at Learning Point Associates—Washington, DC—October 2


Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum—Washington, DC—September 24

Recovery and Reemployment Research Conference—Washington, DC—September 15-16

Annual National Food Policy Conference—Washington, DC—September 8-9


National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research and the National Center on Performance Incentives—Washington, DC—August 12

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting—San Francisco, CA—August 8-11

Center for Health Care Strategies Webinar—August 5

Joint Statistical Meeting—Washington, DC—August 1-6


REL Director's Meeting—Washington, DC—July 23-24

National Staff Development Council Annual Summer Conference—Boston, MA—July 19-22

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities—Webinar—July 16

AARP National Health Policy Council, Health and Long-Term Care Committee—Washington, DC—July 15

National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics—Albany, NY—July 12-15


AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting—Chicago, IL—June 27-30

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Workshop—Washington, DC—June 10

Institute of Education Sciences and the What Works Clearinghouse—Washington, DC—June 10

Annual Medicaid Managed Care Congress—Baltimore, MD—June 8-10

Annual Institute of Education Sciences Research Conference—Washington, DC—June 7-9

International Conference on Diet and Activity Methods—Washington, DC—June 5-7

International Blaise Users Conference—Riga, Lativa—June 2-4


National Medicaid Congress—Washington, DC—May 31-June 2

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum—Washington, DC—May 28

ACF/OPRE Annual Welfare Research and Evaluation Conference—Washington, DC—May 27-29

National Child Welfare Evaluation Summit—Washington, DC—May 27-29

Department of Education National Board for Education Sciences—Washington, DC—May 20-21

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Annual Meeting—Orlando, FL—May 16-20

American Association for Public Opinion Research—Hollywood, FL—May 14-17

Brookings Institution: The Future of Children—Washington, DC—May 14

Scientific Evidence in Education Forum—Washington, DC—May 12

National Association of Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers Annual Meeting—Arlington, VA—May 4-5

Alliance for Health Reform Briefing—Washington, DC—May 4


Population Association of America Annual Meeting—Detroit, MI—April 30-May 2

MIG/DMIE Employment Summit—San Francisco, CA—April 28-30

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting & Exposition—Washington, DC—April 21-25

Social Security Subcommittee, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means—Washington, DC—April 21

National Nutrient Databank Conference—New Orleans, LA—April 17

American Educational Research Association—San Diego, CA—April 13-17

The Johns Hopkins University Social Policy Seminar—Baltimore, MD—April 9

University of Chicago Committee on Education Seminar—Chicago, IL—April 7

Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting—Denver, CO—April 2-4


Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.: Next Steps in Building a Medicaid Rapid Learning Network (MRLN)—Washington, DC—March 31

The Urban Institute Roundtable—Washington, DC—March 30

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission—Washington, DC—March 30

National Health Policy Forum—Washington, DC—March 27

University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform Lecture Series—Fayetteville, AR—March 27

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum—Washington, DC—March 26

Senate Committee on Education: Informational Hearing on Education and the Economy—Sacramento, CA—March 25

SAS Global Forum—Washington, DC—March 22-25

American Society on Aging and the New York Academy of Medicine National Forum on Care Coordination—Las Vegas, NV—March 17

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Annual Conference—Atlanta, GA—March 14-18

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference—Orlando, FL—March 13-16

Massachusetts Special Commission on the Health Care Payment System—Boston, MA—March 13

International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation—Ann Arbor, MI—March 5-7

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Annual Conference—Crystal City, VA—March 1-3


Massachusetts Special Commission on the Health Care Payment System—Boston, MA—February 13

National Assessment of Social Policy Development (CONEVAL)—Mexico City, Mexico—February 13

Regional Education Labs Directors Meeting—Washington, DC—February 11

National Health Policy Forum—Washington, DC—February 6


National Academy of Social Insurance—Washington, DC—January 29-30

World Research Group: The Business of Medicare AdvantageWashington, DC—January 28-30

National Institutes of Health Conference—Bethesda, MD—January 28-29

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum—Washington, DC—January 15

Social Security Advisory Board—Washington, DC—January 13

Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board—Oklahoma City, OK—January 8

Allied Social Science Associations—San Francisco, CA—January 3-5