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2010 Conferences and Meetings

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Agency for Healthcare Research and QualityFederal Collaborative on the Patient-Centered Medical Home—Rockville, MD—December 16

Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission Meeting—Washington, DC—December 9-10

Center on Health Care Effectiveness Forum/WebinarPutting Evidence into Action: The Essential Component of Health Care Reform—Washington, DC—December 9

QRIS National Learning Network—Webinar—Piloting a Quality Rating Improvement System in Two Demonstration Communities in Washington State: Findings from the Seeds to Success Modified Field Test—December 3

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum/WebinarSocial Security Reform: The Consequences of Shrinking the Safety Net for Older Workers with Disabilities—Washington, DC—December 2

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Office of Adolescent Health, and Mathematica Policy Research—Webinar—Identifying Programs that Impact Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Associated Sexual Risk Behaviors—December 2


Human Resources and Skills Development CanadaProvincial Workshop on Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities Evaluation—Ottawa, Ontario—November 30

Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting—New Orleans, LA—November 19-23

Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association—San Antonio, TX—November 9-13

University of Pittsburgh, Center on Race and Social Problems, School of Social WorkRace, Class, and Student Achievement in KIPP Middle Schools—Pittsburgh, PA—November 9

American Public Health Association—Denver, CO—November 6-10

Food and Nutrition Conference—Boston, MA—November 6-9

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management—Boston, MA—November 4-6

National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference—Minneapolis, MN—November 3-6


Brookings InstitutionHelping Fragile Families—Washington, DC—October 27

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum/WebinarNew Approaches to Ensuring Access to Benefits for Disenfranchised Populations—Washington, DC—October 21

International Blaise Users Conference—Baltimore, MD—October 19-21

Medicare Advantage Congress—Washington, DC—October 18-19

Brown Center on Education Policy at BrookingsRethinking the Federal Role in Education: Increasing the Effectiveness of Charter Schools—Washington, DC—October 18

ETS Addressing Achievement Gaps Symposium—Washington, DC—October 18

Políticas de Cuidado de la Primera Infanciaen Chile: Diseño, Implementación y Evaluación—Chile—October 15

Stanford University Center for Education Policy Analysis—Stanford, CA—October 14

Obesity 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting—San Diego, CA—October 8-12

National Academy for State Health Policy Conference—New Orleans, LA—October 4-6

American Academy of Pediatrics National ConferenceChildren's Health Climbing to New Heights—San Francisco, CA—October 2-5


National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics Annual Workshop—Los Angeles, CA—September 26-29

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Annual Conference—Bethesda, MD—September 26-29

International Seminar on the Analysis of Public Policies—Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Campus Estado de México—Atizapán, Mexico—September 23-24

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Briefing—Baltimore, MD—September 22

National Employment and Disability ConferenceIn It to Win It—Arlington, VA—September 15-17

American Society on Aging East Coast Conference on Aging—Philadelphia, PA—September 13-17

The National Comparative Effectiveness Summit—Arlington, VA—September 13-14

Center on Health Care Effectiveness Forum/WebinarPolitics and Policy of Comparative Effectiveness: Looking Back, Looking Ahead—Washington, DC—September 9

Health Affairs BriefingPatient Safety, Medical Liability, and Emergency Department Use—Washington, DC—September 7


Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-AtlanticDropout Prevention Practice Guide—Somerset, NJ—August 31

Early Childhood 2010Innovation for the Next Generation—Washington, DC—August 3-4


Joint Statistical Meetings—Vancouver, BC, Canada—July 31-August 5

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children's Bureau—Webinar—Lessons Learned from Planning and Conduction Home Visiting Needs Assessments—July 29

Applied and Agricultural Economics Conference—Denver, CO—July 25

The Center for Improving Research Evidence—Webinar—Charter School Effectiveness: Putting It in Perspective—July 23

Institute of Medicine of the National AcademiesWIC Research Agenda: A Workshop—Washington, DC—July 20-21

World Congress Annual Leadership Summit on Medicare—Washington, DC—July 19-21

Indiana Health Finance Commission—Indianapolis, IN—July 15

Urban Institute ForumThe Future of Social Security: Solvency, Adequacy & Equity, and Work—Washington, DC—July 14

The Aspen Institute Roundtable—Washington, DC—July 1


National Healthy Marriage Resource Center—Webinar—From Research to Practice: Examining New Findings on Marriage and Relationship Education Programs—June 30

National Academy of Sciences Committee on National Statistics WorkshopFacilitating Innovation in the Federal Statistical System—Washington, DC—June 29

Annual Institute of Education Sciences Research Conference—National Harbor, MD—June 28-30

AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting—Boston, MA—June 26-29

ACF Head Start National Research Conference—Washington, DC—June 21-23

Council of Chief State School Officers National Conference on Student Assessment—Detroit, MI—June 20-23

Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University—Dallas, TX—June 10

Health Affairs ForumMoving Forward on Health Reform—Washington, DC—June 8

National Medicaid CongressSpecial National Health Reform Edition—Washington, DC—June 7-9

Institute of Medicine, Committee on Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies for Young Children—Washington, DC—June 7-8

ACF/OPRE Welfare Research & Evaluation Conference—Washington, DC—June 2-4


Medical Home—Audioconference—May 26

American Evaluation Association—Webinar—May 20

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum/WebinarA Dynamic Perspective on the Employment of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries—Washington, DC—May 19

Workforce One—Webinar—Employer-Based Strategies for Helping Disadvantaged Job Seekers Obtain and Maintain Employment—May 18

Medicaid Managed Care Congress—Baltimore, MD—May 17-19

American Association for Public Opinion Research—Chicago, IL—May 13-16

American Evaluation Association—Webinar—May 13

University of North Carolina FPG Child Development Institute—Chapel Hill, NC—May 5-7

Canadian Evaluation Society—Victoria, Canada—May 2-5

National WIC Association Annual Education and Networking ConferenceNew Findings from the Nestle FITS 2008: Dietary Patterns of WIC Participants—Milwaukee, WI—May 2-5


American Educational Research Association—Denver, CO—April 30-May 4

National League of Cities—Audioconference—April 28

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrition SummitChanging the Food Environment, Making it Happen—Washington, DC—April 28

International Reading Association Annual Convention—Chicago, IL—April 25-28

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Meeting and ExpositionBetter Research, Better Schools: Connecting Quality Research to the Classroom—San Diego, CA—April 21-24

Population Association of America Annual Meeting—Dallas, TX—April 15-17

Economic Research Service, U. S. Department of AgricultureIncorporating Behavioral Economics into Federal Food and Nutrition Policy—Washington, DC—April 15-16

Center for Educator Compensation Reform—Webinar—Anticipating the Data Quality Challenges in TIF: Delivering Student-Teacher Linkages and Managing and Presenting Complex Data—April 15

General Women's Union, New York University - Abu Dhabi, and Harvard UniversityBeyond Child Indicators: A Framework to Access and Evaluate the Quality of Early Childhood Services and Programs in Global Contexts—Abu Dhabi—April 13-15

Conference on Human Development—New York, NY—April 9-11


Annual Urology Joint Advocacy Conference—Washington, DC—March 21-23

Annual Conference of the American Education Finance Association—Richmond, VA—March 18-20

American Medical AssociationThe Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement—Washington, DC—March 18-19

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum/WebinarStaying Employed: Early Intervention for Adults with Potentially Disabling ConditionsWashington, DC—March 18

Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau Annual Federal CASIC Workshops—Washington, DC—March 16-18

Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy—Boston, MA—March 16

The Rhode Island FoundationMaking It Work: Health Reform in Rhode Island—Providence, RI—March 15

The Brookings Institute—Washington, DC—March 15

National Healthy Start Association Annual Conference—Washington, DC—March 14-17

National Association of Secondary School Principals—Phoenix, AZ—March 12-14

AcademyHealth Public Health Methods WebinarIntroduction to Case Studies—March 11

Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies—Baltimore, MD—March 10-14

Annual Children's Mental Health Research and Policy Conference—Tampa, FL—March 7-10

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development—San Antonio, TX—March 6-8

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Conference—Washington, DC—March 4-6

Social Determinants of Health: A Forum on the Relationship Between Marriage and Health Outcomes in African American Communities—Washington, DC—March 4

What Works Clearinghouse—Webinar—Reducing Behavior Problems in the Elementary School Classroom—March 3

The Program on Education Policy and Governance Education Policy Colloquia—Cambridge, MA—March 3

New Jersey Council of Economic Advisors—Princeton, NJ—March 2


National Medical Home Summit—Philadelphia, PA—February 28-March 2

Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum at the University of Pennsylvania—Philadelphia, PA—February 26-27

National Institutes of Health Evaluation Set-Aside Program Workshop—Bethesda, MD—February 25-26


National Academy of Social Insurance Annual Conference—Washington, DC—January 21-22

Center for Studying Disability Policy Forum/WebinarIs a Makeover Needed for Federal Funding of Vocational Rehabilitation Services?—Washington, DC—January 20

The Brookings Institution—Big Issues in Day Care and Early Education—Washington, DC—January 19