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Research Assessment and Interpretation

Through its Center for Improving Research Evidence, Mathematica develops and applies standards for assessing the quality and soundness of existing research, enabling clients and practitioners to use research more effectively in policy decisions and practice. We conceptualize and develop new and innovative methods for answering clients’ questions about policy and program practices that work. We also provide technical assistance and tools to help users connect research with effective practice and make informed policy decisions.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating and promoting high-quality research by developing and applying evaluation standards that identify, analyze, and distribute the results of sound research
  • Developing and assessing methodological innovations that improve how research and evaluation are performed, including new techniques for measuring inputs, outcomes, and impacts, and providing guidance on their implementation
  • Conducting technical reviews of program evaluation designs and offering feedback on the design and implementation of studies to strengthen the usefulness of the designs and products for end users
  • Providing technical assistance that helps organizations and end users interpret research findings and understand their applicability to developing and refining policies and practices
  • Advising foundations and nonprofit organizations on how to integrate program evaluation into their routine business practices