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Survey Design and Data Collection

Policymakers and program managers rely on Mathematica for objective and reliable data. We bring our breadth of experience in design through data collection and analysis to solve clients’ most difficult challenges and provide them with the high quality data needed to establish policies and make well-informed decisions. Mathematica offers nationally recognized experts who can tailor data collection instruments and strategies to fit each client’s information needs and resources.

Mathematica’s survey design and data collection services include:

  • Designing small- to large-scale data collections with general and targeted populations, including program participants; health care providers; schools, teachers, and students; vulnerable populations; new businesses; and other establishments
  • Designing and testing survey questions to ensure that respondents fully understand the intent of the questions, particularly youth, the elderly, those for whom English is not a primary language, and those whose disabilities affect communication
  • Designing and implementing probability samples, including complex sample designs, weighting, and variance estimation
  • Administering telephone, mail, web, in-person, and mixed-mode surveys using sample management systems and computer-assisted interviewing, with particular expertise in collecting data on sensitive topics and in multiple languages
  • Locating hard-to-reach populations, using thorough and cost-effective techniques to improve response rates and minimize nonresponse bias
  • Conducting focus groups and other qualitative data collection, including site visits, in-depth cognitive interviewing, and classroom and in-home observations
  • Creating public use data sets that meet the highest industry standards for confidentiality
  • Conducting innovative methodological research to improve quality and cost-effectiveness

To provide these services, our corporate facilities include:

  • Mathematica's Survey Operations Center, which has 400 employees dedicated to data collection and access to more than 4,000 additional field interviewers
  • Advanced technology supporting digital and offsite monitoring, rapid expansion of survey capacity, and protocols that ensure the safe and reliable electronic transfer of data from the field to preserve security and confidentiality