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Using Performance Measures to Promote Evidence-Based Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Webinar recording
PowerPoint presentation
Issue brief: "Using Performance Measures to Promote Evidence-Based Care: A Bayesian Approach"
Health Care Quality Measures Fact Sheet


The expert panel of speakers:

photo of Gene Rich
photo of Mary Barton
photo of Tim Christian
photo of Thomas Croghan
Eugene Rich
Mathematica (Moderator)
Mary Barton
National Committee for Quality Assurance (Discussant)
Timothy Christian Mathematica
Thomas Croghan


photo of Rod Hayward
photo of Rebecca Lipner
photo of Myles Maxfield
Rod Hayward
University of Michigan (Discussant)
Rebecca Lipner
American Board of Internal Medicine (Discussant)
Myles Maxfield

The measurement of health care performance has great potential to further advance evidence-based medicine. For many years, Mathematica has developed, tested, and implemented a wide range of health care measures intended to promote better clinical practice thereby containing costs, while improving quality. Lessons from our work along with fresh ideas about how electronic clinical data, combined with a Bayesian approach to performance reporting, can help support evidence-based clinical practice will be shared in this forum . A panel of leading health care and performance measure experts discussed intermediate and long-term approaches to strengthening the relationship between measures of health care performance and one of the many goals of these measures—to support evidence-based clinical practice.