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Working Paper Series

In 2011, Mathematica launched a working paper series to offer timely access to its most current research and in-depth analyses behind our traditional publications. The series makes results available in preliminary form to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision before final peer review and publication. In keeping with Mathematica’s high standards of quality, working papers undergo a rigorous internal quality review.

Disability | Education | Family Support | Health | International | Methods

"Experiences of Germany and the Netherlands in Serving Transition-Age Youth" Todd Honeycutt and Lorenzo Moreno February 2014
"Return-to-Work Outcomes Among Social Security Disability Insurance Program Beneficiaries"
Yonatan Ben-Shalom and Arif A. Mumun December 2013
"The Earnings Consequences of the Americans with Disabilities Act on People with Disabilities"

Allison V. Thompkins November 2013
"State Differences in the Vocational Rehabilitation Experiences of Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities"

Todd Honeycutt, Allison Thompkins, Maura Bardos, and Steven Stern August 2013
"Charter High Schools’ Effects on Long-Term Attainment and Earnings" Kevin Booker, Brian Gill, Tim Sass, and Ron Zimmer January 2014
"Staffing a Low-Performing School: Behavioral Responses to Selective Teacher Transfer Incentives"

Ali Protik, Steven Glazerman, Julie Bruch, and Bing-Ru Teh December 2013
"Accounting for Co-Teaching: A Guide for Policymakers and Developers of Value-Added Models"

Eric Isenberg and Elias Walsh October 2013
"Elementary School Data Issues: Implications for Research"

Eric Isenberg, Bing-Ru Teh, and Elias Walsh October 2013
"How Does a Value-Added Model Compare to the Colorado Growth Model?"

Elias Walsh and Eric Isenberg October 2013
"Replicating Experimental Impact Estimates with Nonexperimental Methods in the Context of Control Crossover"
Brian Gill, Joshua Furgeson, Hanley S. Chiang, Bing-Ru Teh, Joshua Haimson, and Natalya Verbitsky-Savitz October 2013
"Shrinkage of Value-Added Estimates and Characteristics of Students with Hard-to-Predict Achievement Levels"

Mariesa Herrmann, Elias Walsh, Eric Isenberg, and Alexandra Resch April 2013
"Does Tracking of Students Bias Value-Added Estimates for Teachers?"

Ali Protik, Elias Walsh, Alexandra Resch, Eric Isenberg, and Emma Kopa March 2013
"Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Treatment Effects? Reassessing Bias in Nonexperimental Estimators"

Kenneth Fortson, Philip Gleason, Emma Kopa, and Natalya Verbitsky-Savitz March 2013
"Is School Value-Added Indicative of Principal Quality?"
Hanley Chiang, Stephen Lipscomb, and Brian Gill November 2012
"Student Selection, Attrition, and Replacement in KIPP Middle Schools"

Ira Nichols-Barrer, Brian P. Gill, Philip Gleason, and Christina Clark Tuttle September 2012
"Statistical Power for Regression Discontinuity Designs in Education: Empirical Estimates of Design Effects Relative to Randomized Controlled Trials"

John Deke and Lisa Dragoset June 2012
"Methods for Accounting for Co-Teaching in Value-Added Models"

Heinrich Hock and Eric Isenberg June 2012
"Assessing the Rothstein Test: Does It Really Show Teacher Value-Added Models Are Biased?"

Dan Goldhaber and Duncan Chaplin February 2012
“Do Charter Schools Improve Student Achievement? Evidence from a National Randomized Study”

Melissa Clark, Philip Gleason, Christina Clark Tuttle, Marsha K. Silverberg December 2011
“False Performance Gains: A Critique of Successive Cohort Indicators”

Steven M. Glazerman and Liz Potamites December 2011
Family Support    
"Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Associated Sexual Risk Behaviors: A Systematic Review"

Brian Goesling, Silvie Colman, Christopher Trenholm, Mary Terzian, and Kristin Moore April 2013
"Do Financial Incentives Increase the Use of Electronic Health Records? Findings from an Experiment"

Lorenzo Moreno, Suzanne Felt-Lisk, and Stacy Dale September 2013
"The ACA, Health Care Costs, and Disparities in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance"

Nan L. Maxwell March 2013
"Perceptions of Electronic Health Records and Their Effect on the Quality of Care: Results from a Survey of Patients in Four States"

Jelena Zurovac, Stacy Dale, and Martha Kovac November 2012
"Rewarding Physicians for Their Patients' Health Outcomes: What Can Medicare Learn from Education's Value-Added Models?"

Greg Peterson and Eric Schone June 2012
"Should Foreign Aid Fund Agricultural Training? Evidence from Armenia"

Randall Blair, Kenneth Fortson, Joanne Lee, and Anu Rangarajan August 2013
Survey Methodology    
"Predicting Objective Physical Activity from Self-Report Surveys: Limitations Based on a Model Validation Study Using Estimated Generalized Least Squares Regression"

Nick Beyler June 2013
"Measurement Models for Behavioral Frequencies: A Comparison Between Numerically and Vaguely Quantified Reports"

Jamie Lynn Marincic September 2012
"Conducting Surveys with Proxies: Evaluating a Standardized Measure to Determine Need"

Sara Skidmore, Kirsten Barrett, Debra Wright, and Jennifer Gardner July 2012
"Is There a Trade-off Between Quality and Cost? Telephone Versus Face-to-Face Interviewing of Persons with Disabilities"

Debra Wright, Matt Sloan, and Kirsten Barrett February 2012
“RDD Unplugged: Findings from a Household Survey Using a Cell Overlap Design”

John Hall, Barbara Lepidus Carlson, and Karen CyBulski December 2011