Helping the Needy Close to Home

Bam. Clank. Thud. These were just a few of the loud noises made by Mathematica staff on a cold, Saturday morning this winter. “It was a great opportunity for Mathematica to really become engaged with the community and lend a helping hand in the Ann Arbor area,” says Sam Canas, a research assistant/programmer.

In 2015, the Ann Arbor staff has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity’s Washtenaw County affiliate chapter on more than one occasion to help renovate a house in the neighboring town of Ypsilanti, Michigan. The house, currently little more than a frame and a foundation, will become the home of a family in need when finished. Dedicated volunteers, like the ones at Mathematica, help to make home ownership a reality for families in the Ann Arbor area who might not otherwise have access to safe and affordable housing.

Mathematica’s Ann Arbor staff are passionate about volunteering for a number of organizations local to the Washtenaw County area. In addition to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, this year Mathematica’s Ann Arbor has raised money for two local organizations: The Neutral Zone and SOS Community Services. Both organizations are community-based nonprofits that serve homeless families, children and youth in the greater Ann Arbor area.

The office started its volunteer activities with the Warm the Children Coat Drive and holds a yearly winter coat drive. In the past, Ann Arbor staff volunteered for Food Gatherers, a local food rescue and food bank program.

Ann Arbor volunteersSince its inception, the Ann Arbor office has developed an impressive track record for volunteer work. Reflecting on her volunteer experiences, research analyst Mynti Hossain says, “There are parallels between volunteering and the research that we conduct at Mathematica. Volunteering gives you a different perspective and really brings home the importance of our work. Volunteering has been both enriching and fulfilling for our staff.”

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