Employee Ownership

At Mathematica, we have chosen to be owned by our employees. When employees own a company, their shared corporate vision creates opportunities and incentives, spurs creativity, and increases productivity and retention, which all help support long-term effectiveness and growth.

Mathematica’s ownership culture originated in 1986 when a group of employees purchased the company from its corporate parent. Being an independent, employee-owned firm empowered us to define and further our mission; it also enhanced our quality and accountability as well as the financial strength of the company. That vision solidified in 2005 with implementation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), a retirement plan, through which employees’ accounts are allocated shares of company stock. Mathematica is 100 percent employee owned. The value of employee plan holdings has increased in tandem with the company’s growth and financial strength.

Stock accumulated through the ESOP is one part of our strong benefits package, which includes a profit-sharing 401(k) plan; health, dental, disability, and life insurance plans; and comprehensive paid time off.