Experts Contribute to Child Obesity Policy Agenda

Series targets ensuring that all children enter kindergarten at a healthy weight
Nov 04, 2015

Childhood Obesity Roundtable

Senior fellows Ronette Briefel and Mary Kay Fox are members of an American Academy of Pediatrics policy roundtable series on developing a comprehensive and actionable policy agenda for healthy weight from pregnancy through age 5.

The “Shaping the Health of the Next Generation: Early Obesity Prevention” initiative is examining policy opportunities at the federal, state, and local levels with a focus on communities and populations at the highest risk. The policy agenda will be launched early in 2016 to help ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve optimal nutrition and healthy physical activity.

The roundtable series is identifying, reviewing, enhancing, and prioritizing policies that increase opportunities for children and their families to lead a healthy active life, with an emphasis on those at greatest risk for obesity. The series is made possible through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).