Explore Promising Occupations Achievable for Low-Income Families Through Short-Term Education or Training

Explore an Interactive Map and Tables Highlighting Promising Employment Opportunities in Your State
Mar 31, 2016

Click to go to the interactive map.As part of Project AWESOME: Advancing Welfare and Family Self-Sufficiency Research, Mathematica’s experts identified promising occupations that are achievable for low-income workers after a relatively short-term investment in education or training. Project AWESOME, a four-year effort, is producing cross-cutting research that responds to the needs and interests of family self-sufficiency and stability research.

Researchers used data from state occupational employment projections to determine promising occupations for low-income workers in each state or territory. First, they categorized occupations requiring more than a high school diploma or general educational development certificate, but less than a bachelor’s degree. Next, they looked at these occupations and identified those projected to experience positive job growth through 2022.

For each state, a table highlights promising occupations, listed from highest to lowest number of projected annual jobs. The tables show the education and training required (some college, no degree; postsecondary certificate; or associate’s degree); annual job openings; growth rates; and key wage percentiles for all occupations meeting the project’s criteria. Search by state for promising occupations.

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