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Research findings are of little value if they fail to reach the decision makers and practitioners who need them, when they need them, and in formats that engage and help them achieve their goals. Mathematica develops and delivers creative, comprehensive, and effective dissemination initiatives to engage key audiences. Whether the goal is to advance theory and methods, inform gaps related to practice, or move the policymaking dial forward, our strategic communications and dissemination staff specializes in translating complex information into effective, innovative formats and using analytics to enhance our activities along the way. We also leverage existing networks to connect with stakeholders and enhance knowledge sharing and uptake.

Communications that resonate best today are personalized, relevant, and designed and distributed in ways that stand out from the huge volume of information encountered every day. We specialize in selecting communication tactics that are tailored to engage and inform, including:

  • Fact sheets, briefs, and other documents
  • Electronic mailings and newsletters
  • Multimedia, including videos and podcasts
  • Infographics and data visualization
  • Interactive forums and webinars

Creating a compelling narrative with effective storytelling helps illustrate research in practice and the impact on people’s lives. And our extensive social media and website development and management experience ensures that integrated, multichannel platforms are at the core of outreach.

We use data and analytics to monitor and measure communications effectiveness, analyze audience responses to web, email, and social media content; and align communications with audience preferences.

In addition to the case studies at right, select examples of our work include the following:

  • Comprehensive Communications Planning. Our staff executed a comprehensive release plan, including a press release, forum, fact sheet, infographics, and video, for the Secondary Math Teachers from Teach For America and the Teaching Fellows Programs, widely covered in mainstream and social media.
  • Data Visualization. We create sophisticated data visualization showing national trends, such as this interactive map depicting county-level unemployment trends across the county.
  • Infographics.  We translate complex ideas and data into simple visuals that reveal patterns, trends, and relationships at a glance. This example condenses the key findings in a 35-page report from close to 500 school administrators.
  • Forums and Webinars. We host an average of 25 forums and more than 100 webinars per year, including the following examples:
  • Website Planning and Development. Our experience includes building sites that range from simple informational ones to dynamic portals and user communities. This website, which showcases our review of the home visiting research literature, was designed with user-centered principles and allows users to search for information on evidence of effectiveness by model and/or outcome.