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To ensure research has an impact, it has to get to the right people, in the right form, and at the right time.
Communications products that resonate are personalized, relevant, and designed and distributed in ways that stand out from today’s information overload. Compelling narratives—delivered in plain English—illustrate research in practice and bring to bear the impact of evidence-based policy on real people’s lives.

Mathematica’s strategic communications experts develop and deliver creative, comprehensive, and effective dissemination approaches that meet the needs of audiences across the research and policy spectrum. Our integrated, multichannel platforms reach people where they are and in ways that best engage them. To measure the effectiveness of our dissemination efforts and align communications strategies with audience preferences, we closely track responses to web, email, and social media content and provide nimble, data-driven adjustments to our tactics.

Our team translates complex information into effective, innovative formats. Our products support goals to advance theory and methods, bridge gaps related to practice, or inform policymaking, and include:

  • Comprehensive, tailored, and flexible communications and dissemination planning
  • Extensive digital support in developing website and knowledge portal content
  • High-impact digital outreach
  • Compelling multimedia products, including videos and podcasts
  • Timely, strategic social media support across multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Creative document production and reporting, including fact sheets, issue briefs, and other materials
  • Engaging infographics, data visualizations, and digital essays
  • Value-driven interactive forums, webinars, and stakeholder events