Data Collection

Our data collection services include:

  • Acquiring, assessing, cleaning, and analyzing administrative data when possible to answer research questions without burdening survey respondents
  • Administering telephone, mail, web, in-person, and mixed-mode surveys, using integrated sample management systems and computer-assisted interviewing, with expertise in collecting data on sensitive topics and in multiple languages
  • Conducting data collection via the web using mobile devices, using GIS technology for locating and linking sample design and data collection
  • Using adaptive design to maximize data quality by tracking key estimates and production data and shifting resources as needed in real time
  • Locating hard-to-reach populations, using thorough and cost-effective techniques to improve response rates and minimize nonresponse bias
  • Conducting focus groups and other qualitative data collection, including site visits, in-depth cognitive interviewing, and classroom and in-home observations


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