Teacher and Principal Preparation and Support

Teachers matter. Nothing in a school day is more important for student achievement than the skills of teachers. Mathematica has a long history of studying how teachers are prepared for, supported, and perform in the classroom. Principals have also been shown to have an important influence on student achievement. Mathematica is studying intensive supports for principals and how they affect school, teacher, and student outcomes.

Our Featured Work
  • What Works Clearinghouse
    What Works Clearinghouse

    The What Works Clearinghouse collects, reviews, and reports on studies of education interventions. The growing focus on evidence-based decision making has increased demand for this type of information.

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    Tanzania Early Childhood Learning Agenda

    Quality pre-primary education is seen as the cornerstone of an effective education strategy in Tanzania. The Tanzania Primary Education Development Plan III (PEDP) 2012–2016 and the new draft, Education Sector Development Plan 2016/2017–2020/2021, articulate core priorities and strategic direction.

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