Cheri Vogel

Cheri Vogel

Associate Director
Areas of Expertise
  • Early childhood development and measurement
  • Early Head Start
  • Early Childhood
  • Child Development
  • Systematic Evidence Reviews
  • Child Welfare
  • Early Childhood Systems
About Cheri

Cheri Vogel specializes in evaluating early childhood education programs and developing and adapting infant/toddler measures for use in large-scale research projects.

Vogel directs the Evaluation of Preschool Special Education Practices for the U.S. Department of Education. This work includes a survey of state special education coordinators and a nationally representative sample of districts to understand the context in which preschool children with disabilities are served. An evidence review provides information on curricula and interventions with evidence of effectiveness for affecting language, literacy, and social-emotional outcomes. She also directed the Early Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (Baby FACES), the largest study of Early Head Start programs to date. Baby FACES was a seven-year longitudinal cohort study of a nationally representative sample of 89 programs and two cohorts of children that examines the experiences of low-income families and children, and measured child outcomes, service receipt, quality, and program implementation.

Vogel has participated in adapting and refining measures of the quality of home visits and infant/toddler classrooms and child development, and video recording parent-child interactions for use in research protocols. She has worked closely with content experts and measures developers to adapt measures so that they retain reliability and validity and serve as instruments that a large team of data collectors can be trained to administer effectively in the field. She is a recruiting lead and technical assistance liaison to two states in the Maternal Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation, a national randomized controlled evaluation of four home visiting models.

Vogel holds a Ph.D. in policy research, evaluation, and measurement from the University of Pennsylvania.

Key Projects
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    Early Head Start Research and Evaluation

    The program promotes learning and the parenting that supports it within the first three years of life. Participating children performed significantly better in cognitive, language, and social-emotional development than their peers who did not participate.

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