Jelena Zurovac

Jelena Zurovac

Senior Researcher
Areas of Expertise
  • Evaluation design and analysis
  • Care coordination and disease management programs
  • Primary care
  • Pharmaceutical outcomes research
  • Health
  • Medicare
About Jelena

Jelena Zurovac has extensive experience in quantitative evaluation design and analysis. 

Zurovac has served in key design and analysis roles on several evaluations of hospital quality improvement initiatives, including the evaluation of the Quality Improvement Organizations, Partnership for Patients, and most recently the Community Care Transitions Program. In addition, she has worked on several randomized trials and non-equivalent comparison group studies of care coordination and disease management for people with chronic illnesses. Zurovac also has experience in pharmacoeconomic analyses and policy. For example, she contributed to a cost-effectiveness analysis of measles vaccination innovation strategies and a practice economics model comparing infused biooncologics to evaluate physicians' prescribing incentives. 

She is a reviewer for several journals, including The American Journal of Managed Care, Disability and Health Journal, and the Journal of General Internal Medicine. She holds an M.S. in pharmaceutical outcomes research and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington in Seattle.  

Key Projects
  • Partnership for Patients

    Mathematica is conducting a formative evaluation and an impacts evaluation of this initiative. The formative evaluation includes assessing and providing feedback on the progress of hospital engagement networks and their participating hospitals, and on the campaign overall, and suggesting ways to improve....