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Program Evaluation and Policy Research

For more than 40 years, Mathematica has provided policymakers and program managers with high-quality research and evaluations. We design and execute both large-scale and small-scale studies answering complex questions and involving multiple program areas, research methods, and locations. Microsimulation and modeling estimate impacts of proposed policy changes to help policymakers make informed decisions. We are leaders in working with underserved populations and in recruiting sites, schools, organizations, and respondents. Our experience covers the areas of disability, early childhood, education, family support, health, labor, and nutrition.

Our research and evaluation services include:

  • Designing and conducting studies of program effectiveness, including random assignment studies and program impact studies
  • Conducting process and outcome studies, such as implementation studies, best practice analyses, analysis of program outcomes, formative feedback, analysis of organizational systems, and program operations analysis
  • Developing conceptual frameworks through the creation of logic models and definition of outcome measures¬†
  • Designing demonstrations for new initiatives by developing program models and evaluation plans to measure program implementation and impacts
  • Providing decision-making support to policymakers, using methods that include microsimulation, convening expert panels, and synthesizing policy options
  • Conducting secondary data analysis using both survey data sets (for example, Survey of Income and Program Participation, Current Population Survey) and administrative program data (for example, Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)