Career Opportunities

We at Mathematica take pride in our employees and in their commitment to excellence. We encourage staff to collaborate in developing creative solutions to difficult problems and to share the responsibility and enjoyment of carrying out complex research. This collegial spirit has helped us earn our reputation for innovative and high-quality work. As a winner of the "Excellence in Diversity Award," we know that building an inclusive culture based on the diverse strengths of employees from different backgrounds is key to our success.

Paul Decker, Mathematica president and CEO, talks about our unique, rigorous approach.

Snapshot of Our Staff
Mathematica's reputation for quality and objectivity is based in no small part on our high-caliber staff. Employees at all levels are selected for their superior experience, education, and training. Most senior staff hold doctoral degrees and are nationally recognized in their fields, which include economics, sociology, survey research, public policy analysis, demography, education, and computer technology.
Reaching Others
To have an impact, research results must be communicated to others. We have briefed government officials, business decision makers, and congressional committees on issues that range from preventing teen pregnancies to ensuring the integrity of our nation's retirement pension system. Because we actively disseminate our findings and encourage employees to publish their work in professional journals, our studies figure prominently in almost every major review of social policy literature.
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An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer