Analytics in Context

We work in partnership with our clients to provide analytics in context.

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Analytics Design

We work closely with clients to design solutions that maximize actionable insights and operational results.

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Data Management

We offer a full range of data management services, including data collection, data quality, test data creation, data profiling, data governance, and data warehousing.


Advanced Analytics

We can help identify program and policy issues, predict impacts, manage costs, detect improper payments, support decision making, and maintain program integrity.  Get details

Data Validation

Our process includes rigorous validation and evaluation by subject matter experts of our analytic and statistical models.

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Data Visualization

We create interactive visualizations and dashboards to communicate policy-relevant information to a variety of audiences.

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Data Integration

We provide real-time, actionable information to optimize performance.

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Data Analytics

As a national leader in policy research, we build on our extensive knowledge of policy and programs to design and implement analytics solutions that maximize the power of data to answer today’s most challenging questions. Our offerings are more than just a tool or software package. Our solutions are built on high quality data, supported by deep understanding of programs and policies, and customized for your organizational goals and needs. Our data scientists and program integrity experts inform policy and program development decisions through sophisticated data management, data analytics, data mining, and predictive models.  Our expertise in systems analysis and statistical methods, combined with our extensive knowledge of policies, programs, and administrative data, enables program administrators to make critical, data-driven decisions with confidence.

Our Featured Work
  • Human Dignity Foundation Learning Partner

    The Human Dignity Foundation (HDF) contracted Mathematica to be its learning partner. Mathematica will strengthen HDF’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy; conduct an effectiveness review; and synthesize learning gained through HDF’s investments.

  • Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership Impact

    Mathematica is working with Cascadia Consulting Group to conduct an evaluation of work by the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership. Results will be useful to improve partnership practices, inform the development of operational scenarios, and make a case to funders for ongoing or new support.

Expert Spotlight
Mathematica has a long track record of
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