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Research Agenda on School Choice

Blog post series examines questions about impact of school choice policies.

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Making It Easier for Schools to Use Classroom Technology

Free online resource helps school districts execute quick, low-cost evaluations of educational software.

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New What Works Clearinghouse Website Launches

Mathematica builds resources for educators.

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Competency-Based Education

Mathematica study shows outcomes of community college IT programs.

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Who Has More Effective Teachers?

New study shows little difference between teachers of high- and low-income students.

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Enhancing Accountability in Schools

Study highlights methods to improve school performance beyond test scores.

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Measuring Principals’ Impacts

Performance measures based on test scores lack accuracy.

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A high-quality education is critical to the future of our nation's children and our country's economic success, but many lack access to effective teachers and schools. Mathematica studies public and private efforts to improve the quality of education and competitiveness of our workforce. Our work helps advance the science of education research and further discourse about education reform.

Our Featured Work
Expert Spotlight
According to our study of the Talent Transfer Initiative,
a $20,000 incentive for high-performing teachers to move to low-performing schools

helped raise the math and reading test scores of elementary students by 4 to 10 percentile points.