View Dramatic Growth in the World's Cities

New data visualization part of research portfolio to protect the environment.

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Water Use in Senegal’s Rice Country

The evaluation will shed light on the impact of large-scale investments in irrigation infrastructure on agricultural output.

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Although science has documented the effects of climate change, waste and land management, and environmental pollutants on our planet, how we change human behavior has proved more elusive. Building on a long history of policy research coupled with insights into behavioral science and experience with evaluation design, Mathematica helps examine the effectiveness of policies and create strategies for responding to environmental issues.

Our Featured Work
  • Tanzania energy sector
    Tanzania Energy-Sector Impact Evaluation

    Mathematica conducted evaluations of two activities and a related initiative under the Tanzania energy-sector project. The activities included laying a new submarine cable to provide a more reliable source of electricity to Unguja Island, extending lines into new areas, and offering low-cost electricity...

  • View of Cabo Verde
    Cabo Verde: Improving Performance in the WASH Sector

    This project aims to increase access, utilization, and quality of services and facilities in Cabo Verde while reducing consumer costs by supporting national policy reform, promoting the corporatization of utilities, and creating a funding mechanism for infrastructure projects.

Expert Spotlight
Cities house more than half of the world’s population,
account for over two-thirds of global energy demand,

and release more than 70 percent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.