New Brief on Evaluating a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Curriculum in Kentucky

Adapted version of Reducing the Risk shows some promising impacts.

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Developing and Testing Innovations—and Making Them Stick

Using research and building evidence to progress on state programs.

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Family Support

Mathematica studies the stability and well-being of families with children—particularly families with limited means—to deepen understanding of programs to help them succeed. Our research provides insights into how parent's success in the labor market, programs to protect families against economic and personal misfortune, and strategies to address the needs of families headed by parents who had their first child as teens can affect the material comforts, self-esteem, and well-being they and their children enjoy, as well as the quality of couple and family relationships.

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Expert Spotlight
Mathematica just completed the Evaluation of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Approaches.
The study included more than 7,000 youth and generated 19 reports.