State Health Policy

Mathematica researchers work closely with states to understand their unique circumstances and to answer their most important health policy questions. Currently, our researchers help to ensure that policymakers and stakeholders in nearly 40 states have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Key topics include:

  • Evaluating state health insurance markets
  • Modeling changes in health insurance regulation
  • Supporting the development of state health insurance exchanges
  • Assessing trends in health care costs
  • Evaluating state health care programs for children
  • Researching ways to meet the needs of special populations
  • Analyzing state public health initiatives

Our Work
  • Technical Assistance Helps States Share Best Practices for Delivering Coordinated Care

    The Integrated Care Resource Center provides technical assistance to states developing integrated care programs to coordinate medical, behavioral health, and long-term services and supports for people eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Health Insurance graphic
    Enroll America Evaluation

    Enroll America is a nonprofit organization with a mission of maximizing the number of Americans who enroll in and retain coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Year 2 includes qualitative research to understand how Enroll America implements its ACA outreach and enrollment activities in states that...

  • CHIPRA 10-State Evaluation

    This study addressed a series of policy questions related to the impact of CHIP, the effective operation of CHIP programs, and the inter-relationship between and among CHIP, Medicaid, and employer-sponsored insurance coverage for low-income children.

  • Medicaid Section 1115 MidPoint Evaluation

    Section 1115 waivers give states flexibility to test new approaches to managing and delivering care to Medicaid and CHIP populations. In 2012, Oregon launched a demonstration waiver program that redesigns the state’s Medicaid delivery and payment system. Our study involves formative and summative evaluations...

  • Health Reform in Maine: DirigoChoice

    In 2003, Maine enacted comprehensive health care reform focusing on an insurance premium subsidy program called DirigoChoice. It offered more affordable insurance options to small businesses, subsidized premiums for families with low to moderate income, and expanded Medicaid eligibility to low-income...