Stopping Violence Before It Starts

Oakland's citywide violence prevention initiative tackles this issue.

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Advancing Effective Justice Policies

Individuals involved with the justice system face major challenges as they start over. Our work helps improve their prospects.

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People who have been incarcerated face daunting challenges in re-entering society and in rebuilding their lives. Many lack education, work experience, family support, and housing. In addition, substance abuse and mental health problems are common. Without adequate supports, recidivism is likely.

We study programs and services to improve education and employment outcomes, strengthen family relationships, and provide health and financial supports for people involved with the justice system. Our researchers are evaluating initiatives for multiple populations, including youth offenders, adults in jails and prisons, and former offenders. Our work provides insight into the effectiveness of interventions at many points of contact with the juvenile and criminal justice systems, including violence prevention programs, bail programs, and juvenile justice reform efforts in cities and counties across the country.

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