Erin Weir Lakhmani

Erin Weir Lakhmani

Areas of Expertise
  • Medicare and Medicaid policy
  • Integrated care for dually eligible (Medicare-Medicaid) beneficiaries
  • Medicaid managed care
  • Long-term services and supports
  • Health
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid and CHIP
  • State Health Policy
About Erin

Erin Weir Lakhmani conducts qualitative research and provides technical assistance regarding Medicare and Medicaid program design and oversight, particularly related to dually eligible (Medicare-Medicaid) beneficiaries. Lakhmani’s expertise includes Medicaid managed care and integrated care models for dually eligible beneficiaries as well as long-term services and supports.

The majority of Lakhmani’s work at Mathematica focuses on developing and improving programs for dually eligible beneficiaries, particularly programs aimed at providing more integrated care for this population, as well as analyzing eligibility, enrollment, and participation in these programs. She also assists with research and technical assistance projects regarding federal and state oversight of Medicaid managed care programs.

Lakhmani serves as an appointed member of the Illinois Medicaid Advisory Committee’s Public Education Subcommittee. She holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan.

Key Projects